About Us


For many years, owner-operator truck drivers and the owners of small fleets, large fleets, and enterprise fleets had few options for selling their big rigs.

They could trade their equipment back to the dealer and risk being short-changed or put their vehicle up at auction and pay hefty fees.

But we aimed to change that by starting SellYourBigRig.com. Rather than being trapped into an expensive sales method out of necessity, you have options. You can sell your commercial truck with the help of our expert buyers and free up essential funds for your next big purchase.

Who Is SellYourBigRig.Com?

We are a team of truck buying and selling experts dedicated to providing a fair deal for truck drivers and truck owners.

Whether you own a single truck, a few, or dozens, we’re here to ensure you enter into the fairest sales process possible for your commercial trucks.

SellYourBigRig.com forms part of State Line Truck Sales, a company started by Joe Gittemeier and Jake Gittemeier in Kansas City, Missouri. With a sound business idea and a team of expert equipment buyers, we worked hard to make a name for ourselves as a leading truck buyer and seller, offering our services in Missouri and beyond.

When you work with SellYourBigRig.com, you can expect:

Who Is SellYourBigRig.Com?

Selling your big rig can be a significant decision to make, especially when you have to consider whether you have the time to manage tire kickers or receive less money due to auction fees and dealer tactics. However, if you’re not yet convinced that selling your commercial truck(s) to a professional truck buyer is the right decision to make, consider the following benefits.

Make More Money

There can be pros and cons associated with all sales options, but there’s no denying that the most standout one associated with SellYourBigRig.com is being able to potentially make more money than you would through other sales methods.

Say goodbye to hefty auction fees and dodgy dealer tactics and receive an offer based on your truck’s condition and market value. Our expert equipment buyers work hard to provide fast and competitive offers to our most valued truck drivers.

Save Time and Hassle

Who has time to wait for potential buyers from social media platforms to turn up and look at your trucks? And who wants to worry about haggling and negotiations?

When you use our online form, you can tell us all about your truck, and we can do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is accept our offer and receive money in hand. It’s that easy.

Sell All Types of Trucks

We’re not fussy. Whether you have a Kenworth, a Freightliner, a Volvo, or even a specialty truck like a dump truck or heavy hauler, we want to hear from you. We’ll buy your big rig knowing that it holds value in your truck-driving field. Don’t wait until the right buyer comes along who appreciates it for what it is. Let us be that right buyer.

Sell Your Semi Truck to SellYourBigRig.Com Today

Are you looking for a fast sale? So are we, so sell your semi truck to SellYourBigRig.com today. Benefit from a fast cash offer and money changing hands before you know it. Time is money, so fill out our online form, tell us about your commercial truck, and wait for our equipment buyers to get in touch. We can’t wait to show you how easy and stress-free the truck selling process can be.