Sell Your Semi Trailer

Selling your semi trailer can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact to enjoy a fast, straightforward, and stress-free selling process. We buy semi trailers from all over the United States.


You might see plenty of semi trucks listed for sale online and in person, but what about semi trailers?

It can sometimes seem like they are not only challenging to buy used, but they can be even harder to sell them used. That is ordinarily the case, but not when you do business with We make the semi trailer selling process easy, and you can learn more about how we operate below.

What Semi Trailers Does Buy?

Here at, we’re big fans of semi trucks, which means we’re also big fans of semi truck trailers. We purchase a range of semi trailers from truck business owners throughout the United States, ensuring a fast, easy, and stress-free selling process. Contact us today if you have some of the following semi trailers for sale.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are suitable for lumber, construction materials, oversized load, and machinery. They are desirable options for their open layout, especially when truck drivers need to transport wide or odd-shaped loads. We purchase flatbed trailers for competitive cash rates.

Tipper Trailers

Got a tipper trailer for sale? Let’s talk. Tipper trailers are in demand for recycling materials, construction waste, agricultural materials, and more. We purchase all manner of tipper trailers, so contact us to learn more about your selling options.

Dry Van Trailers ​

Truck drivers typically use dry van trailers to transport building products, household goods, and non-perishable food and beverages. As they are box trailers, all goods inside are protected from the elements. We purchase a range of dry van trailers, so we can’t wait to learn about the trailer you have for sale.

Step/Drop Deck Trailers

Similar to flatbed trailers, step/drop deck trailers are open trailers with two deck levels – an upper and lower. They are ideal for cargo exceeding legal height limits on flatbed trailers because their decks are much lower. We are interested in purchasing step/drop deck trailers today.

Double Drop Trailers

Do you typically haul tall loads? You might have a double drop trailer for sale. These trailers have extremely low decks due to the two deck heights. They are often used to carry oversized items and machinery like bulldozers and excavators.

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers, also known as reefer trailers, are ideal for transporting perishable, frozen, or chilled goods. They come with insulated and temperature-controlled cargo areas and are often used for produce, plants, pharmaceuticals, and meat products.

Dump Trailers

Selling used dump trailers can be hard work, but we make it easy. Whether you’ve previously used your dump trailer for gravel, dirt, sand, stone, trash, or something else, we want to hear from you. We purchase framed, frameless, end dump, side dump, and bottom dump trailers.

Other Semi Trailers

We purchase a wide range of semi trailers to suit our buyers’ needs. Do you have a custom or unique semi trailer attached to your commercial truck? We’d love to know more.

Who Does Buy From?

You might think we only want to hear from well-established truck businesses with hundreds of trucks in their fleet, but that’s not the case. Here at, we love working with anyone with a semi truck or trailer to sell.

Single Semi Trailer Owners

We purchase singular semi trailers from owner-operator truck drivers looking to upgrade or exit the industry.

Small Fleet Owners

Got a small fleet of semi trailers to sell so you can upgrade? We want to hear from you. We can offer competitive cash prices for multiple semi trailers.

Large Fleet Owners

You might struggle to sell a large fleet of semi trailers to the general public, so why not contact us? We can offer a competitive cash price for your entire large fleet. Let’s talk.

Enterprise Fleet Owners

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of semi trailers to sell, contact us today. We work with many enterprise fleet owners around the country.

Sell Your Semi Trailer For Cash Today

Selling a semi trailer for cash shouldn’t be challenging, and we do our best to ensure it’s not. Contact us today for your FREE cash offer. We can’t wait to learn more about what you have for sale.