How Long Does It Take to Sell a Semi-Truck?

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When considering the process of selling a semi-truck, one of the first questions that arise is how long it would take to sell a semi-truck. The timeline for selling can vary significantly based on several key factors. Working with a dedicated team can streamline the process, allowing for a sale to be completed in as short a time as a few hours, or it may take up to 10 working days.

Inspection Process in Major Cities

In major cities like Chicago, the inspection process for a single truck is usually swift and straightforward. Inspectors are readily available in urban areas, meaning they can examine your truck promptly, often within a day of your request. Following the inspection, a report is quickly prepared, enabling the start of the funding process. This efficiency is a significant advantage for truck sellers in metropolitan areas.

Inspection Challenges in Rural Areas

Selling a semi-truck in rural areas or locations far from large cities can introduce delays. For instance, in places like Malvern, Arkansas, where multiple trucks may need inspection, coordinating the process becomes more complex. The inspection becomes the bottleneck, especially for large fleets.

However, if the truck is local, sellers like us can personally inspect it, eliminating any wait time. The geographical location of your truck, therefore, greatly influences the time it takes to complete the sale.

Geographical Impact on Inspection and Purchase

Our experience spans across the lower 48 states, dealing with semi-trucks in almost every geographical setting. While we haven’t engaged in transactions in Alaska or Hawaii due to shipping challenges, our nationwide network of 700 dealers ensures we can handle sales in any other state. The key factor is proximity to a population center – trucks located in or near major cities can be processed faster due to easier access to inspection services.

Working with Dealers Across the Country

Our vast network of dealers is prepared to handle various types of trucks, including fleets of specialized vehicles like freight liners. Whether your trucks are in Maine or any other part of the country, our connections enable us to find interested parties and expedite the selling process. The only limitation we face is with trucks located in Alaska or Hawaii, where shipping becomes a major hurdle.

Transportation of Purchased Trucks

After purchasing a semi-truck, transportation is rarely an issue. We predominantly employ driveway companies, which involve drivers personally transporting the truck to its new location.

This approach simplifies the process and ensures quick relocation of the vehicle. These companies can also execute complex maneuvers like three-way hauls, where one truck is used to transport two others, showcasing the versatility and efficiency of our transportation methods.


Selling your semi-truck can be a smooth and speedy process, depending on various factors like location, truck condition, and the logistics of inspection and transportation. Understanding these elements can help you set realistic expectations and prepare accordingly.

Remember, if you have a semi-truck to sell or require further assistance, feel free to contact us for expert guidance and support in navigating this journey.