Why is My Semi-Truck Not Selling?

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There are multiple factors that could influence why is your semi-truck not selling. Understanding these factors is key to successfully navigating the truck resale market.

In today’s competitive environment, two primary reasons stand out: the condition of your truck and its specific features or specifications. This article aims to explore these critical areas, offering insights and advice to help you enhance your truck’s appeal to potential buyers.

Reasons for Difficulty in Selling Trucks

Truck Condition

The foremost reason your truck might not be attracting buyers is its condition. If your vehicle doesn’t meet the Used Truck Association (UTA) trade terms, it’s at a disadvantage. Issues like active fault codes, body damage, or the need for new tires and brakes can significantly lower its appeal, especially in a market with an oversupply of trucks.

For instance, a 2016 Cascadia with 600,000 miles in poor condition is competing against thousands of similar trucks, many of which might be in better shape. This oversupply makes the condition a crucial factor in the truck’s saleability.

Truck Specifications

Another key aspect is how the truck is specced out. The specifications can greatly influence both the resale value and the time it takes to sell the truck. Take, for example, the engine type.

Trucks with International engines, like the Max Force or the International N13, are known to have lower resale values. This could mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars compared to trucks with more desirable engines. Therefore, understanding how specifications affect value is critical.

Determining the Real Wholesale Value of Trucks

A major challenge in the truck business is establishing the real wholesale value – essentially, what someone is willing to pay for it. Our team spends a significant amount of time analyzing the market to determine this number accurately. It’s crucial for success in the resale market to understand and accurately assess the value of trucks. This understanding influences not only our purchasing decisions but also our ability to grow and maintain good relationships with our clients.

How to Negotiate the Truck’s Worth

When there is a disagreement over a truck’s value, the best approach is to present concrete data. For example, if a customer values their truck at $50,000 but market data suggests it’s worth $10,000, providing evidence such as recent auction results for similar models can be persuasive. This data-driven approach helps in establishing a realistic market value for the truck, ensuring that both buyer and seller have a clear understanding of the truck’s worth.


Understanding the factors that influence the sale of a semi-truck is crucial. Why is your semi-truck not selling? It could be due to the truck’s condition or its specifications. Being aware of these aspects can help in effectively navigating the resale market. Additionally, knowing the real value of your truck and being able to negotiate based on data can make a significant difference

For more personalized assistance or inquiries about the truck resale market, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you get the best value for your truck.